Picture a Day

Ok.. have to admit that we didn't even know what Walking Dead was until this week. Never-the-less, we went out Saturday morning and jumped into the middle of the festivities. It was actually pretty cool. They shut down the middle of town and staged it like an apocalypse. Lots of car accidents, a wrecked plane, a cool mural and oh yeah, some zombies!



This weekend we've had the joy of watching an Oriole gather strips of dried hydrangea stalks that are located right below the bird feeders. She grabs a loose end and then jerking her head walks up or down the stalk pulling the strip away. She then gathers up her strip and flies off towards the woods. Beautiful and fascinating.

oriele1 oriele2 oriele3

Donna here - I took the day off work to celebrate my birthday today. I couldn't think of a better gift to give myself than hanging out at home relaxing and playing with art supplies. So, I'm sitting at my table watching the birds at the feeders and all of a sudden I see a huge bird swoop down and land on a tree right outside my window. WTF? It turns out to be a black hooded vulture... I mean... on my birthday? Really? What kind of sign is that?


This was the year of the goose. Remember back in April when we hatched out 17 goslings? Well, having 19 large geese is to say the least a little noisy and destructive on the yard. So, what to do with them? "Let's have goose for Christmas dinner!" Deann exclaims. So, for two weeks she researched how to butcher, prep and cook a goose. All in all the project was a success. The meat was a little tough but didn't taste bad. Conclusion? It was a heck of alot of work! So, she can check that off her self sustenance bucket list and next year we'll buy a nice steak for Christmas dinner.

Here is a pic of Deann weighing the goose to see how long to cook it. Coocoo was VERY interested in how many pounds she would get to eat.