Monthly Archives: May 2010

Yesterday we said goodbye to Donna and Jeff's Dad, Ken Back. He passed away in Colorado Springs. He will be missed by many friends and family. He loved the goat farm and spent a lot of time here. He loved the country, the beauty and the peace here at the farm. You will be missed my friend.

Deann and I picked up our hive of bees yesterday from the beekeeper. They are in the hive and hopefully doing well. The seemed to be settling in last night. If all goes well our garden should be well pollinated and we should have honey in the fall.

A spider web attached to weeds from last summer show the work of the spider last night and it has caught a moth. The heavy dew drops look like pearls strung on the threads. They shine in the sunshine and give off a rainbow of colors.

Our baby has had a big day and is headed home to the nest for the evening. I love watching him and how he does everything the big geese does.  If he gets bored and they are not close to the creek he will get in the watering pan and swim around.

The baby is getting to know the farm and has waded in the creek a little. But Mom keeps it pretty close to the nest. We don't know if its male or female and I am not about to get close enough to find out.

Up close even the hated dandelion is a beautiful flower. If they were not such a nuisance we would be buying them in the greenhouses for our flower beds. If anyone wants any I have plenty to share!

The goose brought the baby off the nest yesterday and it was escorted by the mom and two males. Never has a baby been so protected as this one. It is surrounded at all time by three huge geese and nothing gets within 3 ft. of it. But we are enjoying watching it and I will be featuring it for awhile.