Monthly Archives: June 2010

Each evening after Deann feeds, the goats head to the top of the hill to watch the sunset from the perch of the old fallen oak trees. The fallen trees in some places are as high as 25-30 feet from the ground. The goats run up and down like it's no big deal.

Donna's studio is a very, very, very old farm house so there seems to be a need for constant repairs to keep it from falling down. Recently the floor in the back room fell down in the center. The drop from the sides of the wall to the center is 8-9 inches! (Notice the Coke can in the center to gauge how big the drop is) Solution? Build a floor on top of the floor!! It's working out great and we're learning a lot about construction.

Cinderpelt, the gray kitten loves to play and is always attacking Scribble the big yellow tom. As you can tell Scribble is just loving being wrestled with. But he puts up with it and they are all over the house in a tumbling match.