Monthly Archives: July 2010

Donna and the dogs are on a walk around the top of the hill. The dogs love going up there because there are lots of interactive nature games to play. They can swim in the ponds and pop frogs from the bank. They can run through the grass and pounce on the grasshoppers that leap up. They can chase butterflies that flutter by.

The Tiger Lilies that Ramona gave me are beautiful right now. They are one of my favorite and always remind me of Grandma. There were one of her favorites also. Some people call them blackberry lilies also. I just know they are a most welcome splash of color in my flower beds.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine purchased this flower and in the fall she saved some seed and gave them to me. I grew them in the greenhouse and we have no idea what they are but we love them. We just call them pink daisys. They have leaves like a zinnia but they are no more than 10 inches high.  All my friends now have them.