Monthly Archives: August 2010

Our valley as seen through the fallen oak tree. This we call our spiritual tree, it was a huge oak tree that was all alone in the field and just gave a special feeling to all of us, even vistors. So we named it our spiritual tree. It was hit by lightening and finally fell last year.  The goats love it and stay on it part of every day. It seems to be their meeting place also.

On our walk Daphne's dog Pearl, a  dachshund found it was just to much with her short legs to walk anymore. Stan ended up carrying her with her tongue hanging out all the way back home.  With the tall grass it is difficult for the little dogs but ours are used to it but still came home and fell over and slept the rest of the day.

My niece Daphne and her family came for a visit at the Goat Farm and we had a nice visit. We went for a long walk up the hill and around the ponds. She had her dogs with her and we had a herd of dogs to keep up with.