Monthly Archives: September 2010

The cattail pond is almost dry and turned brown like most of the ponds in the area, the cattails are getting ready to shed their seeds, the redwings have built their nests and raised their young and the frogs have all grown up and have stopped their singing. Tamar still goes in the mud and looks for them but all she finds is mud all over her little brown body.

A bucket of vegetables I gleaned from the garden. The season is about over and with the dry weather the produce is just drying up. There are a few more tomatoes but they are not growing but I leave them to ripen on the vines and I am trying to give them some water ever other day. We are expecting another 90+ degree day today.

The chickens take dust baths and they have no problem finding dry soil to roll in. We are in our 43rd day of 90+ temperature in a row with no rain. Keeping all the water trays filled for the animals has become a big job. Normally there is a creek running that they all can drink and play in on the edge of the yard.

The geese are so desperate for water. The creek is totally dry and they go down and look at it and try to figure out what happened. They love it when I put fresh water in their pool. They all didn't fit in so the female somehow got in the big tub of water for the animals to drink from. The males played in the pool and she sat in the tub for over an hour.

Today is dad's birthday. He would have been 70 this year. I spent the day working on a garden throne that will be part of a memorial for him on top of the hill near the labyrinth. It's the first time I've ever built anything close to this so hopefully it will hold together when we sit on it.