Monthly Archives: October 2010

While visiting my brother J and Patti at their lake house J and I did some fishing. One early morning I caught this big striped bass, 31/2 pounds, 19 inches long. It was very exciting and fun as you can tell by the big smile we both have. I think its the biggest fish I have ever caught!

Legend says that the thinner the brownish red bands on the wooly worms, the harsher the winter will be. We must be in for a really bad winter!! I have found only black wooly worms and the same has been reported in other KY areas and also in Indiana. This was a HUGE wooly worm, the biggest I have ever seen, and as you can see it is totally black!

Yesterday while working on the front deck I had left Dottie on the back deck where she likes to lay in the sun and watch everything. I lost her and found out she had worked her way around to the front yard and into the woods where a squirrel was yelling at her for being in its territory. The thing is Dottie can't walk, she is unable to use her back legs and has a little wheel cart but had rather move like a seal and she can keep up with the other dogs.

The showpiece of the main Alltech Experience Booth at the World Equestrian Games was the work of Louisville artist Mark Payto. A horse made of crystal described as "it looks like sugar spun through the colors of the Kentucky dawn".  Light is reflected through hexagonal accents that represents DNA. It's hard to know the scale of this just seeing the picture but it is actually life size hanging there! It was just one of the many beautiful pieces of Art scattered throughout the Horsepark. It was one of the most beautiful art pieces I have ever seen.