Monthly Archives: November 2010

We got up Friday morning to our first snowfall of the season. Everything was covered with a powder dusting of soft snow. It lasted most of the day because it was cold all day. We jumped from Indian Summer to cold winter. It's pretty but I sure miss the warm weather.

Thanksgiving Day 2010 and we have turkey and all the trimmings. In fact we have lots of good food, more than we should have but I enjoyed doing the meal. We are thankful for the good life we have here on the Goat Farm and for all of our friends and family.

We have finally had some rain and the geese now have a small puddle of water they can swim in. When they found it the were yelling their heads off. They don't get out except to  run up and grab some corn when I throw it out and then run back to the creek and their puddle. They say its been a long dry spell!!

This morning when I went out at 7am I stepped into a glorious morning. The sky was beautiful, the rooster in the neighborhood were crowing in both directions, dogs were barking from the hillside, the wild turkeys were calling and talking to each other, the birds were singing and the crows were cawing and gathering. To top it off a big V of geese came flying over. What a beautiful way to start the day!!

I also have been walking with Marie in the Battlegrove Cemetery in Cynthiana. It is filled with so many interesting things and has really sparked an  interested for me in the history of Cynthiana.  One of the things I found interesting was this statue of a girl named Jesse. I looked up information on it and found out the statue is of Jesse Frazer, a 21-year-old mother that died when her son was born. The family sent a picture of her, wearing a Grecian costume that she had worn in a play, to Italy to have a marble statue sculptured.