Monthly Archives: January 2011

Donna captured this picture of a cardinal in the back yard. He seems to have found a berry of some kind and is showing it off. The birds are the bright spot in the landscape this snowy winter. Without them it would be very bleak!

Our creek road looks pretty during this dead of winter time we are dealing with. It has been an unusual winter here with one storm following another ever other day. Now we are dealing with the arctic blast of cold air that has swept down from the north. It was -3 yesterday morning, a little warmer today.

Yesterday we got another 5-6 inches of snow and this morning it was -2 degrees. The snow was beautiful. It looked like everything had frosting on it.  I did get out and go for a short walk with the dogs. They had fun running and playing in it, I was just trying to stay upright and not fall.