Monthly Archives: February 2011

Yesterday Donna and I went for a walk in the woods on the farm.  Deep in the woods is this pond and Donna said she had never seen it clear and in the summer it becomes black. The vegetation around it and in it keeps it dark. It was fun to be able to see parts of the farm I had never seen plus I got lots of exercise.

The chickens have gone to roost in the hen house. Most all of them go to roost as soon as it begins to get dark. But we have a few that insist on getting up in the trees at the hen house and Deann has to chase them out every night and make them go in the house. If we miss one it will be caught by critters during the night.

We finally have kids! The pregnant goat finally had her babies yesterday and I can't believe it but she only had twins and they were not big, just normal size. She must have been eating a lot or her belly was swollen instead of her ankles! It does look like she will have plenty of milk for them.