Monthly Archives: March 2011

This is one of the cats that live in the barn. He is one bad dude, has to be to survive living with racoons, and critters that come into the barn. From the looks of him I would say he can hold his own very well.

A wild turkey feather lying in the field tell of the passing of the group of wild turkeys that live on the farm. You can hear them calling in the morning and evening. They were in the cluster of trees close to the house but because of the dogs they have moved higher up the hill. I love hearing and seeing them.

Tank is so loving and like a big loveable teddy bear. He has become a special part of our family. We are still in training with him and he still has some learning to do but we are making progress. I swear when he is out having fun he actually smiles!

Yesterday the tiller Deann got for her tractor was delivered and she hopped on and tilled the garden and part of the field that they are going to grow gourds in. So as soon as this winter spell of weather we are having has passed through we will plant some veggies in our garden that can grow in the cooler spring weather. I LOVE the green grass in this picture!

The goose has made a nest and has been sitting on it, still no eggs but I expect she will start laying soon. That means the Gander has gone on attack mode. He will launch an attach on anything that gets near her including cars, dogs, the neighbors and their kids. Its time for them to go to the goose pen for awhile.

The hatching is done and this is the brood that we ended up with. They are certainly a mixed up breed. I am anxious to see what color some of them will be when they get feathers. We ended up with 2 or 3 of the Rubberneck chickens, which is good since they are the most hardy of all the breeds.

Deann got an incubator for her birthday and last night we had our first baby chicks hatch out and this morning this is what we had. It was fun to watch them peck their way out of the shells. They had started peeping a couple of days ago while still in the shell and as they hatched out they really talked to each other. Farm life is fun!!!