Monthly Archives: April 2011

Duchess is swimming in the road that leads to our driveway. We have had so much rain and it has flooded so many times in the past 2 weeks. It is down low compared to some other days. Sometimes it is up to the fence as you can see by the leaves and sticks. The picture also shows the beating our driveway has taken.

Mama Cat is one of the farm cats. We found her in the barn with a snow white kitten a couple of years ago. She has taken up in the greenhouse and when I am down working she stays with me and talks to me while I am working. She don't like to be petted or held but loves to be talked to.

With a huge amount of rain last night we have flooding in our creek today. Donna walked down through the field to check things out and make some pictures. As you can tell by the rain drops on the pictures it is still raining. We are watching to make sure it doesn't get up to the airstream camper and the car. The chickens and goats all refuse to come out of the barn and chicken house.

Finally got a chance to take care of some Spring projects today with the nice weather. We moved the baby chicks out of their box in the studio into a large cage we'll keep in the garage for a few weeks. We'll then move the cage out next to the chicken house so they'll adapt to the other chickens and eventually move in with  them. Because they are a mix breed there are some pretty funny looking chicks. This is one of the three turkey necks we ended up with.

I was out walking yesterday and looked over towards the woods and was thrilled to see one of my favorite plants starting to come in. May Apples are a sure sign that Spring  is here. These plants are really neat to watch grow. They come up like little umbrellas and unfold. They grow in the woods in patches under trees. In a few weeks they will develop a beautiful white flower that grows under the umbrella leaves. Later they develop a fruit that they say can be eaten or made into jam. We've never tried to eat them before. Maybe this year.