Monthly Archives: May 2011

Donna made this photo of a  Miami Mist flower, its in the Scorpionweeds family. I looked it up and it grows where few other plants grow and their flowers yield a flavorsome honey. Mother Natures way of adding beauty where there is none. We just think they are a beautiful flower and they provide food for our honey bees.

Deann and Donna decided to try growing gourds this year. With this monsoon season we have been having, we finally got our garden and the gourd patch planted last weekend. We worked almost all day planting. All the water has been good for the plants but now we need some sun.

On his walk our big lovable Tank decides to take a break  in the Daisy blooms. With all the rain and mud his white coat sure doesn't match the beautiful white of the daisy. But he still is beautiful.

Yesterday was a sad day on the farm. We said goodby to our little buddy, Diddle. He lived a long life, was around 14 yrs old and was alpha male on the farm, in fact the only male dog on the farm until Tank arrived. He is the father of Tamar and Dood. He had a good life here on the farm and had marked every inch of it. We will miss him. This is a picture of him much younger. He never got still long enough to get a picture of him and most of what we have is blurred.

When the rain finally let up and I checked one of my flower beds I found the wild strawberries had taken over. They are the biggest I have ever seen. They were huge for wild strawberries. A pretty sight but a mess to clean out.

My little dog Tamar is loving spring. She loves walks in the fields and especially around the ponds where she can hunt for frogs and pop them off the bank into the water. She is the only one of the little red dogs that will go in the water.