Monthly Archives: June 2011

Last year Donna and Deann gave me  lily bulbs for Mothers Day and I planted them down below the house in a bed and I actually had forgot about them until I looked down there and saw beautiful flowers blooming. They are a very unusual lily and are beautiful.

I just got back from a mini vacation visiting with J and Patti my brother and sister-in-law. We had a wonderful time at their lake house. We fished, took fun boat rides, swimming, campfires and roasted marshmallows. Thanks to J we had a big fish fry one night. He caught around 10 and my total was 0. I did catch a huge stripped bass but couldn't get it in the boat, it broke the line.

I have been keeping the geese in the large pen since they decided to chase cars and go for walks down the road and around the neighborhood. I let them out for a couple of hours in the late afternoon to go swimming and eat grass. The really enjoy their swim and the straighten every feather.

Deann and Donna's vacation is winding down. We are accomplishing a lot of what we hoped to get done but as always things are taking longer than expected. But it still feels good to finally have time to work on projects we've had to put aside.  We spent one whole day cleaning the inside of the Silver Bullet. We cleared out everything. We washed every surface, cabinet, drawer and appliance and ended by vacuuming and cleaning the carpet. It looks really nice!