Monthly Archives: July 2011

I love old barns and we have a lot of old tobacco barns in our area that are now beginning to fall apart like this one next door to us. They stand like memorials to a time when tobacco was king. Now most of them are not used and a lot of the tobacco bases in our area are now covered with grass and cut for hay.

Our creek road looks quite a bit different than it did when I posted a picture in the spring. It is now lush and green and most all of the water is gone until we get another heavy rain. It is lined with violets and spring flowers, wild roses, chicory and queen ann's lace. Later will come the sunflowers and iron weed.

Rocky loves playing with his feed bucket. He gets his little horns in the rim and tosses it up in the air. We gave him balls and other buckets to play with but he likes this one. He was doing this for hours until Deann put another little buck in with him. I wanted a better picture but he doesn't get still long enough.

This weekend we decided to pull off the honey from our beehive. We were all set to handle a big bucket of honey. But...when Deann got into the hive she found out they have made enough honey and stored it for their use this winter but had not given us any in the top super.  Oh well, guess we wait until late fall and see if they make any for us.

A young doe has taken up in our yard and the fact that we have 5 dogs running around and we come and go constantly doesn't seem to bother her very much. Yesterday she was eating in the area our from the garage and had two little red dogs running around barking at her and she totally ignored them. Her and I played hide and seek for awhile when I was trying to photograph her. I dread hunting season!

This is some of our chickens. The one adult rooster is running himself ragged trying to keep up with all the hens. We had another rooster but had to get rid of him, he kept attacking me! So this one all of a sudden had this huge bunch of hens to take care of.

I found these two young box turtles in our drive. I had to stop and get them out of the road. What was so much fun was they were not afraid of me. They did not dive in their shells and close up. One of them closed up a little but the other one I picked up and rubbed his legs and he just looked at me. They were a beautiful shade of orange. I moved them over to the side and let them go on their way. Hopefully not down to the garden to eat my tomatoes.

This is my favorite baby goat. She has a beautiful brown color and white markings. I especially love her white eyebrows. Deann named her Houdini because she kept getting out of the pen. I was very happy she turned out to be a female because that meant we could keep her.