Monthly Archives: August 2011

Cinder has turned into such a fat Garfield. I went outside and found her laying on bags of dirt with her back legs splayed out.  It's hard to believe that she is the one who brought the rabbit into the house. I assume she didn't catch it because I don't think she could move fast enough. She probably took it away from one of the other cats. The end of the rabbit story is that unfortunately I found it dead this morning by the bathroom sink. The good news is that it didn't climb in the back of my closet and die.

Spent a good 30 minutes this morning trying to get a good picture of Doodle. I guess she's tired of the papparazi. So, I'll give her some space today. Last night the cats caught a baby rabbit and let it loose in the house. We spent most of the night trying to find it. We will continue looking today. It's fairly good size so it's hard to believe we can't find it. The dogs kept sniffing around the couch but I'm pretty sure I saw it go in our bedroom. I had nightmares all night about killer rabbits like the ones on Monty Python's Holy Grail movie... "What? That lil' rabbit?" Funny movie if you haven't seen it. Here's a clip from the bunny scene:

So, Scribble, the dogs, the other cats and Deann and I are a little tired this morning.



Took the dogs for a walk on top of the hill this morning. We've had some really nice weather lately. We walked over by the labyrinth to check it out. Unfortunately I haven't been mowing this summer so it is really grown over. Gonna take some work to dig it out again. Here is Doodle checking it out. One of her ear stands up most of the time. I guess it's her Chihuahua genes coming out.


On our walk Tamar does her favorite thing, frog hunting. She loves to make them jump into the water. Every time she goes up there she comes back a mud ball and smells like pond scum because she runs around the edge in the mud.  I have to give her a bath the first thing when we get home which she hates, she loves the smell of pond scum.