Monthly Archives: September 2011

Donna and I went for a walk to the top of the hill. As you can see it was quite a challenge to get up and down the hill. The grass and weeds were very high and thick and the trail small but once you get on top the hay has been cut and its easy to walk and beautiful. Tank comes home with weeds, grass, sticks and burrs all over his white fuzzy coat. Takes a while to get him cleaned up.







On our walk the other day Donna and I found these 2 red leaves lying in the path along with dried leaves from the lack of rain. This is the first fall color we have seen. Fall is coming down the valley. Most of the big fields of golden yellow tobacco has been cut and hung in the barns and big rolls of hay lay scattered in the fields.

I noticed there were vines growing inside my green house and when I opened the door I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I could not believe these vines. During the hot, dry 100 degree days we had it had to be 130 in the greenhouse and no water and I just can't believe they can survive and grow like this. I don't know where to begin to clean them out. The greenhouse is filled with them.


Deann sold 12 of her goats last week after deciding to decrease her herd a little bit. But....this weekend she got a call from the couple that we bought two of our first goats from in 1993! Those two goats and one other are the origin of Deann's herd. Over the years we've sold them a goat or cow here and there. Deann sold them a buck 2-3 years ago. They called because they had 5 goats that they wanted to sell to Deann. They are selling their farm due to health reasons. They offered a very good deal and knowing what good care they take of their animals,  Deann decided to get them. She picked them up yesterday and put them temporarily in a pen behind the studio. The other goats didn't seem very interested except for Fej who came over to check them out. Interestingly, the buck Deann sold to them was out of Fej so the youngest new goats are actually Fej's grandkids. Did she know that? It's interesting to wonder.