Monthly Archives: October 2011

We hatched out 4 chicks from eggs found in our neighbors garage. Came home and found one of them stretched out dead. We've got 30 or so more eggs in the incubator now. We figured it would be just as easy to raise up 30 chicks as 3 or 4. Something is killing our chickens almost everyday so we have to plan for replacements since it takes so long for them to get to the laying stage. We also bought a camera today so we can try to figure out what is killing them.

Our neighbors are allowing the hill across from our house to be logged and it is breaking my heart. I hear the chainsaw and then a loud crash and another big oak has hit the ground.  This is the scene at the foot of our hill where a mighty oak once stood. The whole hillside now looks like this, covered with the remains of a big oak and other trees.

The big white barn cat is one mean dude! He rules this area even up here at the house. Him and Scribble have had so many battles and he always wins and I have to nurse Scribble back to health. He even fights with the females. Cinder hates him. I really believe he would take on the fox that is catching chickens.

J and I took a trip to the hills of KY to visit out hometown of Blackey, KY and attend the festival "Blackey Days". The streets of town were filled with booths, good food and good entertainment. Not planned, but added to the trip down memory lane, a train went through town and actually stopped behind the stage. It was fun to visit with old friends and family and some we had not seen in years.