Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tamar checks out the ponds to see if there possibly could be some frogs still hiding in the cattails. We took a nice walk around the top of the hill to try to walk off some of the Thanksgiving dinner we ate. The dogs were all very excited about being out since we don't walk up there during hunting season, afraid we will be shot.


This morning we have this big bright ball in the sky trying to peep from behind the clouds. It was so bright you couldn't look at it and everything lit up for about a minute and then it went back behind the cloud. Wait, could it be the sun???? and there is a patch of blue sky!

Now that we are deep into autumn and the leaves have all fallen and frost has claimed all the plants that covered the landscape the old stone fences begin to become visible again. I love seeing them as they ramble across the fields and down the valley telling a story of days gone by.

Our baby chick count is up to 27. This is 15 of them out of the incubator and into a paper box with 12 more still in the incubator getting adjusted to life outside of an egg shell. We have some really cute ones. It's always fun to see what color they turn out to be.



Last night Deann came in and said she heard a baby chick peeping so she opened up the incubator  and sure enough one of the eggs had hatched. We had a little back chick 3 days earlier than we thought. So we have one with more to go.