Monthly Archives: December 2011

Its good to see the pond on top of the hill is filled with water. During the dry summers we have had it became really low. This spring we will try to stock it again with the fish we lost. The grass is greener than it was in Sept.  I love to go up and sit by the pond and let the dogs swim and frog hunt. It's a beautiful peaceful spot.


It's Christmas Eve and the packages are wrapped and the stockings are hung and everyone is being good or trying to. Donna and I are busy making last minute gifts, Deann is getting her last packages ready to go and the animals are just looking for treats. All of us here at The Goat Farm wish everyone a warm Merry Christmas and peace, health and happiness in the new year.

When you look down the valley you can see the result of the birds eating the cedar berries. The slopes, fence rows and any clear spot has young cedar trees. I even have to keep pulling them out of my flower beds. The goats love them and keep them eaten down in the pasture.