Monthly Archives: January 2012

It's typically dark by the time I get home from work and get up to the labyrinth to walk it. Even with a flashlight it was difficult to see the path in some places so I decided to drive some of the rocks into the ground on their edge so they stick up. So far it's working great. I flip a couple each day. The only challenge is that the goats like to knock them down. So, until the ground hardens I'll have to keep picking up after them I guess.

I started giving the geese bread when I would go down to the farm. Now when they see my car coming down the road they come running and if they think I am going to beat them to the farm yard they will fly. I have tried sneaking by them and it doesn't work. So I keep bread in my car to feed them.


Yesterday was a strange day for January, starting with dark clouds blowing in when the sun came up and all day we had strong gusty winds and the dark clouds sailed across the sky. Tamar and I went for a walk on top of the hill and sometimes the wind almost blew us over. We only got a few sprinkles during the day but did have thunderstorms last night.