Monthly Archives: February 2012

We have had storms all day starting around 2 am this morning. Tank and Duchess goes crazy with thunder and lightening. I had to bring them in to help them get through it and I finally got Tank to settle down when Winnie came over and lay down tight against him. This is how they have spent the day. Once Winnie wanted out and I let her out and when she came back she curled up tight against him again. Duchess is hovered up against my bed in the bedroom and has not moved. These are our big brave farm watch dogs - hope no burglars arrive here during a storm.

When I was making pictures Tank would come over ever so often and sit and pose as if to say he wanted his picture taken. Donna had taken him in and had him groomed and he comes home smelling wonderful and was a BIG white puff ball - but it didn't last long.

When I went out yesterday to fill the birdfeeders I noticed something white in the edge of the woods and then wanted to shout for joy when I realized it was the snowdrops in bloom. They looked so beautiful among the dead leaves. Life is beginning to stir again in the earth.