Monthly Archives: March 2012

Ok, I just have to put up one more picture of Cocoa.  Donna calls this one her show dog pose. She is quite the little lady. We visited my friend yesterday in Assisted Living at Cedar Ridge and of course she got so much love she was worn out when we got home. She sure is a joy in our household.

The May Apples are up and almost ready to bloom. Spring was so anxious this year that she rushed down the valley  in her gown of daffodils followed by pear, peach and apple blossoms and now red bud trees add a bright spot to the landscape. The may apples appeared a month early and are a bright spot of green in the edge of the woods.

Cocoa is at the farm now. We are spending a lot of time walking and going potty. But she says its an awful big world out there and she hasn't figured out what the tall green stuff is. She likes to stay on the gravel and she sticks close to me. She has done great with potty training and had a great night last night. She slept all night in her playpen and woke at 5 am and ready to go outside for a potty break.

Since Doodle is the only dog in the house now she has become the little princess and expects her every wish and desire to happen and it should be accompanied with a jerky snack. But.... in 2 more days that will change, cute tiny Cocoa comes to our house to live and will have to have a lot of attention. Doodle is in for a surprise.

Deann was working on fencing and the young goats were watching her with their "whatcha doing" language and seemed to be saying "Hey now we can't get out!" They opened the gate one day last week and I came home to goats running everywhere in the yard.

I have been so lost without Tamar and we all have been looking for another small puppy and on Saturday I found a breeder in Lexington. We went to see them and I fell in love with one and bought it. I get to bring her home on March 28th. She is  a long hair Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix so cute, chocolate color, blue eyes (which she closed for the picture) and is full of spunk and playfulness. She weighs about a pound now.  I think I am going to name her Cocoa.

Overnight the spring trees burst into bloom and green leaves are beginning to show on bushes and trees. Spring came rushing down the valley overnight with her magnolia and fruit blossom dress with daffodils in her hair. A walk in Battle Grove Cemetery with Marie was delightful. It was filled with trees in bloom everywhere.

I just got back from a visit in Indiana with my friends Art and Ramona. Their family is my adopted family and I love visiting them and their family. Art makes most all of their bread and always bakes a big batch when I am there. Nothing like hot homemade bread fresh and hot out of the oven!