Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cocoa loves to help me do yard work. If I am pulling weeds she is right in there helping me. Yesterday when I was digging up the flowerbed she jumped in to help and she discovered dirt. She went crazy digging and rolling around. She would bury her head up to her ears. She had dirt in her ears, eyes, nose and her tongue was even coated. But she certainly had fun.


There is no way to describe sitting under the big wild cherry tree in full bloom with a breeze blowing and a blue sky overhead and green grass all around. It was like being in a snow storm. I was covered with cherry blossoms! A delightful way to spend some time.

I am so in awe of the big white pods of bloom on the locust trees and then add the wild cherry and honeysuckle with a brilliant blue sky overhead and surrounded with spring green its like being in a beautiful garden. A walk on top of the hill is chicken soup for the soul!


Our area is dressed in spring green and white now. The locust are in bloom and the top of the hill is like Heaven. The wonderful fragrance of the locust bloom fills the air and the trees are hanging full of big white pods. This is a picture from the labyrinth. The cherry tree and locust are in bloom surrounding it .

Yesterday after spending hours playing with Cocoa I found Cinder had turned over my laundry basket and made a hiding place to get some rest after playing for hours with Cocoa. Cocoa plays until she falls over and she sleeps for about half an hour and then is at it again.  Oh to have the energy of a puppy!


Cinderpelt and Cocoa are still playing. Every time I take Cocoa out in the yard here comes Cinder wanting to play and Cocoa gets so busy chasing and playing she doesn't want to do her business. They have become quite a pair. Doodle still hasn't taken to Cocoa but she has found something she likes, she follows her around and steal her treats.