Monthly Archives: May 2012

This morning our order for baby chicks arrived at the post office and at 7:30 I picked them up. They seemed to have survived the trip good and were thirsty and hungry. I dipped 27 little beaks in the water dish and put them in the box under a heat lamp. This will be home for a while until they get big enough to go in a pen.

The Feverfew plant growning on the bank is really pretty this year. It's very evasive but is a perfect plant where it is growing. Is grows to about 18 inches high with citrus-scented leaves, and is covered by flowers reminiscent of daisies but much smaller. In olden time the plant was used as a herbal treatment for a variety of ailments, but I just love the flowers.



Deann got a call at the end of our work day that her barn was finished already. Amazing how quickly the Amish builders worked! Here is a picture of the small door side. The opposite wall has a large sliding door and there are two windows on the side facing the hill. It's pretty nice. I'm happy for Deann. She's been working hard for many years with her goats and deserves this new building.


Deann, Donna and Doodle took a road trip to West Virginia to pick up a baby goat for Deann. Deann has been looking for a new buck to breed to her does next season and finally found this little guy. Yes, he does look exactly like all of the other little white goats, but don't tell Deann that:) Not sure of his name, I think she should call him West Virginia Hootenanny but we'll see. He screamed so much the first day he was almost completely hoarse by Sunday morning. Deann finally had to put Blackey and her baby in with him to try to calm him down a little.

The baby goats are so cute. This one decided to stop long enough to pose for a picture. They are so busy running around and climbing and following Mom that they are seldom still. They are really growing. They don't stay cute little babies very long.


Tank is scared to death of storms, so we have to bring him in when it storms. During a recent one we somehow ended up with Tank, Winnie and Duchess in the house. When the storm began to get better Tank lay down on top of Donna work she was doing and Winnie curled up beside him to keep him company. It's good to have a friend during the bad times!