Monthly Archives: June 2012

This post is for Mark, my adopted Mom, in Montana. One of her favorite things is chicory bloom and they don't have it in Montana. We have a yard full of it this year. It's the only thing still going strong down the driveway and in the yard. I also love the color of the bloom and the big fields of it on the way to town are beautiful.

Cocoa has really grown and her color has changed to sort of a milk chocolate but her andĀ  Cinderpelt are still rolling around in the yard and driveway. Cocoa is as big as Cinder now and has just about won the battle. Cioder spits and yells at her but will never swat her and make her quit. I wish she would because if Cocoa sees Cinder in the yard she runs as fast and hard as she can at lands on top of her.

Tank walks the farm at sunset, checking out his territory. He is just a big loveable teddy bear but very possessive about his territory. He is up all night listening and barking and guarding his area. Sometimes a little too much. Unless it is storming and thunder or gun shots, then he becomes a big trembling blob of fear.



When I go down to the farm as soon as the chickens and geese see my car they come running and follow me everywhere I go on the farm. They have learned I usually have some bread or scraps to give them and they just can't seem to understand I don't always have bread crumbs or scraps in my pockets. So this herd of chickens are always behind me.

When I go out to let the big dogs out of the dog pen Cocoa always goes with me and then they all race to the house. Cocoa can really make those little short legs move and she keep up with the big dogs. It's so funny to see her running along side of Tank.


We have a really nice garden this year thanks to Deann. I helped plant but she has done the rest of it. We have been eating lettuceĀ  for awhile. Out of sight in the photo is a row of beautiful cabbage and beyond the tomatoes is rows of okra. Everything is doing well but we need rain desperately. It seems to be missing us.

This young deer was in the creek as I came up and ran along in front of me for awhile, then ran over to the side and stuck it's head in the tall weeds and grass and stood very still. I think it thought it was hidden. Finally as I go closer it decided it better move somewhere else and it ran on up the creek.