Monthly Archives: August 2012

Donna made this picture of the big dry pond. The pond has never been this dry. The beautiful green grass should be water half way up to the top. Deann had put fish in this pond in the spring and again they are all gone. We need days of a slow steady rain to get back where we should be. All the wild animals are suffering, they have no water to drink.

I took Cocoa and Zen on a walk in the pasture and around on top. It was quite an experience. Zen was really good and stayed right with me but little coward Cocoa took off and would only run back when something scared her. By the time we got back Cocoa had so many burrs imbedded in her fur it took me an hour to get her cleaned up.


Tank, Zen and Deann do the evening chores. Deann is working on teaching Zen to be a farm dog. She is learning about chickens, goats, geese and how to behave around them. She is doing good. But most of the time its just fun to roll and play tug of the old sock with Cocoa.

After I went to bed last night I got up later to get something to drink and when I came backĀ  Cinderpelt and Scribble were all snuggled up and asleep. Scribble had his arm across Cinders neck and she raised her head when I was making the picture and started purring, Scribble never moved. I didn't have the heart to make them get down.