Monthly Archives: October 2012

Next to the studio is a pear tree that for 10 years struggled to grow. Each year it would grow a few feet and each year the goats would escape and eat it down to the ground. Finally 3 years ago a more attractive target in the form of a lilac bush was planted which gave the pear tree a chance to successfully grow.  But, because it's so damaged and was eaten down to the rootstock over and over, it only bears teenie tiny fruit things. They are not edible and they really don't even look much like pears. Triumphantly however, the tree does produce these AMAZING unique fall leaves!

I just got back from 4 glorious days at my brother's lake house on Rough River with him and his wife and cousin Keith. It seemed to be the peak weekend for color and this was the view from his boat dock of his house. Sitting on the deck was breathtaking beauty. Mother Nature really put on a show around the lake. We did some boating on his pontoon boat, some fishing, got enough to have a fish fry one night and caught up on family news with each other. Thank you J and Patti!

Typically in the winter we move the center of our living arrangements to the smaller family room. It's cozier (especially when we cram 3 recliners in the space) and warmer. This year we decided to go all out and purchased 2 new recliners to replace our broken down chairs. Doodle says... "woohoo! These are koosh!"

We moved Zen into the pen with the big dogs a couple weeks ago. Until then we worried because she was so much smaller that they might hurt her unintentionally or not. In the past she would try to play with Tank and he would get annoyed and snap at her. But the past couple of days I've noticed that he is instigating a game with her. Yesterday when we were on a walk he started playing with her and running around like a puppy. It was pretty funny to watch. Doodle and CooCoo were terrified by his 150lbs running around out of control. He did knock Zen a couple of times but she would just get up and chase him some more. I guess this means they are finally getting along.