Monthly Archives: December 2012

Today is Deann's 49th birthday. What special things did she do??? Well, first thing this morning we took Zen to the vet to be spayed. We then followed up with a trip to Tractor Supply, Walmart and the Dollar Store looking for deals on Christmas wrapping paper. We paused only briefly to have a gourmet meal at Subway. We wrapped up the excitement by picking Zen back up and bringing her home. Now THAT was a full, exciting birthday.


When I put Cocoa out this morning in was in snow for the first time. At first she was hesitant to walk in it but then she started to run and she was crazy. She would stop and put her face down in it and come up all snow covered and take off again. I let Zen out also because she had not experienced snow and they ran for 30 minutes around and around the yard.