Monthly Archives: January 2013

This morning Doodle decided she was going into hibernation in the blankets. She is finally over her illness and is doing well. She had us really worried for several days and Donna and Deann were suffering from lack of sleep. We are very thankful she is back to being the Dood again.





Doodle has a problem with a collapsed trachea and every once in awhile it flairs up. She gets to the point that every out breath comes out a goose honk. It's miserable for her and really miserable for us trying to help her. For a couple of days she's had a bad case of it and last night was the worst. Deann and Donna took turns sitting up with her. Sitting upright or carrying her around were the only positions that seemed to help her. We've been giving her meds but it doesn't seem to be working so this morning we are trying to get to the vet. Problem is that the creek is up and we're going to have problems getting in and out. In the meantime, I guess we'll all catch a nap today as we can.