Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cocoa has got Zen frogging with her. Now they both come home a muddy mess. At least Zen is outside all the time. Cocoa is discovering the farm on her walks with Donna and she loves them so much that every time Donna leaves the house, even to go to work, she sits by the door and cries.COOCOOZENFROGGIN


Cocoa has been going on walks with Donna around the ponds and has found out there are frogs in the ponds and they will jump if you scare them. She stands in the water and watches for them then dives right in the pond after them. She comes home soaked and about an inch of mud on her. I have to throw her in the tub and hose her down.


Our friend Harlene came for a visit and she enjoyed walking the labyrinth with the tiny baby goat that had to be bottle feed and kept in a box for a few days she was so small. Her name is Tinnie Tiny. She is now with her mom and the rest of the herd. She would walk with Harlene for awhile and then step over and follow Donna. She sure is a cutie.