Monthly Archives: June 2013

Yesterday was the beginning of Deann selling her baby goats. Her and Donna loaded 28 for the sale. Deann actually carried and loaded, Donna manned the tailgate to keep them in the truck. In a way its sad to see them go but in another way it's 28 that won't be getting their heads stuck in the fence, fed and taken care of and she still has 29 left.


Blackberry briars are in bloom all around the farm. The bloom is really heavy this year and if we continue to get rain it should be a good year for blackberries. Since we have been having some cooler days and night for a few days I thought of how my grandmother would say this is "Blackberry Winter".  She said when the blackberries bloom there will be a cool spell.


Our baby geese are growing up. They finally have feathers and are now living in the pen with the baby chicks. They have been a lot of work but also fun to watch them grow up. We got them as females for our 2 big males, now the problem is they hate each other so far. Sure hope that changes.