Monthly Archives: August 2013

Been wanting to do this for awhile now so I'm going to take advantage of the upcoming long weekend to make some pokeberry ink. We've got several really large plants by the house and barn. They are like 7-10 feet tall! I've got the berries picked and will post the results when ink is made. Apparently pokeberry ink was used by many of the soldiers in the Civil War and there are some reports that the Declaration of Independence was written with it. It has a beautiful purple-ish color when it's fresh that turns a nice brown after its aged. Never tried it but you can also eat the leaves and shoots when the plant is young  but apparently at this mature stage everything is toxic and will make you sick. Too bad cause the berries do look tasty.



We've got a bad raccoon problem again so Deann has been live trapping them and taking them to a new home. The other day she caught two in the same cage! Yeah, they look cute but they are actually really destructive and will kill our chickens.


I just got back from a visit with Art and Ramona and got to spend some time with Their grandson Casey, who is home on leave from the Navy on his way to Bahrain. There was a nice family get together on Saturday and it was fun to see all of them. I love all the grand kids and feel very much like they are my own. Wishing you the best Casey!


This is what happens when you keep sticking your head in the fence and getting caught. It's stick and duct tape time.  While Deann was gone we had three or four a day getting hung up in the fence. Welcome home Deann. Sure glad to turn it all back over to her!sticky2


Meanwhile back on the farm, Mom's lilies are beautiful this year. I brought them here when we had to sell her home and they have thrived. She always called them her Magic Lilies and I have heard them called Naked Ladies, but have no idea what they really are named. The just remind me of Mom and her yard.momslilies