Monthly Archives: October 2013

One of the things on the top of Deann's to do list was to be able to lift weights at Venice Beach (muscle beach). So yesterday she got to go there for a work out. I would have chosen a beach with sand, a good book and cold drink. That's why she can throw hay bales all day and I can't carry a bucket of water.


This morning we woke up to a foggy morning. This is what it was like at 10:30 am when I went out to go to town. I only got a short distance and turned around and came back home. You could just see a car length ahead. As soon as you get to the bottom of the hill you couldn't see but a short distance.


Donna and Deann are in California on vacation and celebrating Deann's 50th birthday with her sisters. Yesterday they went the the Griffith Observatory and sent this picture with the Hollywood sign in the backgound. Meanwhile back at the farm we are doing ok, nothing gone wrong yet.



Mother NatureĀ  has dressed in her fall gown and walked down the valley. We didn't have a lot of color around the farm but driving into town there were several places where it was really pretty. We have been having the most beautiful fall weather and I had really enjoyed it. Here at the farm the wild geese are still calling, the turkeys gobbling and owls screeching and we have a big full harvest moon.


This morning when Cocoa and I went out at 7:30 am I got to experience a beautiful fall country morning. It was a crisp cool morning and the sun was just coming up and all around were the sounds of country. I could hear our roosters crowing and being answered up the creek by the neighbor rooster, the wild geese were beginning to call to each other from the pond across the hill, the cows on the hill behind us were mooing, the wild turkeys were gobbling and the crows were beginning to wake also. I love living here on the farm!


Coming home from a trip when I pulled in the driveway this is what I saw. I had brought my porch swing with me when I moved to the farm and it has been stored in the barn because we had no place to hang it. For my birthday present Donna and Deann made me a hanger and put my swing up. I am thrilled, it was a great gift. Now I can swing again!



I was delighted to get to spend my birthday with three of my special friends. Kay from Massachusetts , Jean from N. KY and Mark who was visiting from Montana. We had so much fun catching up on each of our lives. I could not have had a better birthday.