Monthly Archives: November 2013

Cocoa is going crazy today watching all the squirrels in the yard and wanting out to chase them. The big windstorm we just had tore all the squirrel nest our of the trees around the house and today they are frantically trying to get them rebuilt. We have squirrels all over the yard gathering leaves and running around.


The geese are enjoying being able to swim in the creek. We don't always have flowing water in our creek. They are our watchdogs down at the farm. If anything goes on at night they let us know. We can hear them. I love to watch them as they move around the farm. They walk as if they are skating, they just sort of glide along. I really enjoy having them and have them spoiled. They know my car and come running and flying  when they see me coming down the road.


I don't know if people just drive by and think our farm is a good place to leave their unwanted animals or what. So again someone has gifted us with another cat at the farm. He is a great cat, very loving and fits right in and of course Donna named him, Chimichanga and he is here to stay. I have to admit I have fallen in love with him also.


Yesterday when I went to town the huge flock of wild turkeys were moving to the other side of the road just below the house. I have been seeing them since spring when the babies were very small and had trouble deciding which way to run. I just happened to have my camera with me and got this picture of  about half of the flock. I enjoy hearing them every morning when I go out. Sure hope they survive hunting season.