Monthly Archives: December 2013

Our friend Harlene came for a visit to the Goat Farm last week. She is on her way to Chennai, India where she will be visiting and studying for 4 months. We enjoyed our visit while she was here, even with the flooding and her car getting stuck in the yard. Wishing her a wonderful, safe trip.


Yesterday was Deann's birthday and we celebrated by going to Lexington for lunch, some shopping and then to pick out her birthday present, a chainsaw. Deann does the largest part of the farm work including cutting firewood and she was tired of fighting with her old chainsaw so she requested one for her birthday. She is happy and said the new one cut wood like cutting butter.


When I was a child we lived next door to my grandparents and on Christmas my Grandfather Pa Jim would buy this huge candy cane. As long as it lasted we would go to their house every day and Granny Mary would chip us off a piece. I have such wonderful memories of it and this year Donna found this giant candy cane for me for Christmas and I will be hacking on it for a long time. I love peppermint!


It's Christmas time again and all the stockings are hung, the tree is decorated with ornaments filled with memories of other holiday seasons and the lights twinkle brightly in the corner. Gifts are beginning to grow under the tree and Cocoa keeps stealing them and carrying them around. Donna designed our card and these have been sent out to friends and family and I have included it here in case we missed some friends. Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Goat Farm.



We are in a deep freeze here. This morning when I went down off the hill I notice that the roosting place of the black headed vultures was still filled with vultures. I stopped and watched them and it was so cold they couldn't fly. They kept falling out of the trees and having to struggle to fly back up on a branch and then they would hop from branch to branch to get higher. This was at 10:30 am. I came home at 1:45 pm and they were still there and some of them were sitting on the ground. It was 12 degrees up on the hill at the house and down below is usually 5-7 degrees colder.



Deann found one her big does in the barn down with a broken let. The vet came and put a cast on it but she still can't get up on her own. We hope she will start to recover, she has been bred and will have spring kid or kids. Again, you must accept it's life on the farm.





Zen and Cocoa have had a good time playing in the snow. Cocoa is faster runner than Zen, and that is all that saves her. Zen is so huge compared to Cocoa but they have a wonderful time chasing each other and they are rediscovering snow and enjoying it. So far we having got much on the ground but we have had every winter weather falling last night and today. It's a mess.


Deann spends some time talking things over with some of the goats. She is the Goat Whisperer on the farm but I don't know how good she is since no matter how many times she tells them "don't stick your head through the fence" they go right back and  stick their head through the fence and get stuck.