Monthly Archives: January 2014

Donna and I have escaped from the ice and snow and on our way to the wonderful, beautiful Virgin Islands. We will be spending 10 days on St. Johns at Cinnamon Bay with a group of friends. I intend to lather on sunscreen and bake in the sun with the sand between my toes and go to sleep with the sound of waves and tree frogs singing.


Friday morning at 5:45 am our electric went out. It was -5 degrees and we have an all electric house so.... we made it off the hill and down to Donna's studio where there is a wood stove. The electric was restored in a few hours. Dood and I were not very happy campers!


I got a smart phone and have just about destroyed what little mind I had left. I am on overload. It took me 2 days to learn how to answer it but hey, now I have figured out how to do text, make pictures and do email. The problem is it has taken up all of my time for 4 days and I am only on page 4 of the instructions!



We are in the depths of winter, it is so very cold and snowy. On my walk yesterday the trail up the hill looked cold and frozen. It's hard to imagine that underneath the snow and ice the violets and wild hyacinth are waiting to line the sides of the trail come spring.


I took Cocoa on a walk around the hill and Cinderpelt had to go along. She would run ahead and hide in the weeds and jump out on Cocoa and they would do their chase and pounce on each other game. I had never had a dog and cat have such a tight relationship. When I brought Cocoa home at 6 weeks old Cinderpelt treated her like she was her baby, and the relationships has continued.


Cocoa loves to go to the pond and look for frogs. She hasn't figure out they are not there in the winter. On her walk with Donna she was totally confused because the pond was frozen over. Donna said she was ice skating all over it trying to figure it out.


This picture has been going around on Facebook but I just had to use it because THIS IS THE WAY I FEEL after my bladder surgery and the Dr. didn't find any cancer so far. I am still waiting on a couple of biopsy's he sent off but he said they usually are not a problem. Thanks for all the prayers and support fromĀ  all my friends and family who were there for me to lean on.