Monthly Archives: March 2014

I'm beginning to think I need to put another bed in my bedroom. It seems Scribble, Cinderpelt and Cocoa think this has become their bed and  it takes a while to convince them to get in their own beds.  Sometimes I wake up and can't move and find out they have sneaked back in.



The first kids of the season were born a couple of days ago. The momma with the broken leg had a little girl and a little boy. There are about 30 more mommas still to have their babies. Gonna be very crazy around here soon. Here's Tank and one of the babies checking each other out. Tank is such a gentle giant.


Yesterday Cocoa and Scribble spent the day at the door most of the day. Scribble outside seemed to be trying to get Cocoa to let him in. He spend most days outside and comes in to sleep on the foot of my bed at night. But he hates snow and rain.


"The big one" turned out to not be so bad here at the farm and we were very thankful. We have a 2-3 inches of snow with ice underneath. The birds are going crazy and I can see the level of the bird feeders go down as I watch. We have so many birds, at one time I counted 15 Cardinals around the feeder area. Their brilliant red really stands out against the snow.


Yesterday Donna and Deann got out and gathered some loads of wood to prepare for "the big one" that the weather stations have been talking about for weeks, coming in this morning. If electric should go off we could go down to Donna's studio where she has a wood stove to keep warm. So far all we have had is rain and hope it stays that way. I am so over winter!!!