Monthly Archives: May 2014

We hired someone to cut down a dead tree by the studio, trim trees by the studio and cut a tree by where mom plans to build her house. It was half the cost if he just cut and we did the clean up. So, we have quite a mess to deal with.

TREEGUYdeanntreesThe goats are thrilled to have so many fresh leaves to eat!

GOATSTREEBut not all the creatures are happy about the trimming. This momma racoon and her baby were rustled out when the branch they were living in was one to be cut off. Momma came back to check out the damage. We knew there was one hole further down the tree but didn't realize there was another one higher up.


We finally mustered the courage to clean out our garage. We pulled everything out, swept and washed the floor and then rushed to put everything back in before the rain. What a job!This is the first time we've seen this whole space since we moved in. Could be the last time.


This is the path that leads up to the fields and ponds on the farm. To me, its the path to peace. When you reach the top it opens up and you can just sit at the pond, walk into the woods or walk around the hill and look down on the green valley below. It's fun to sit on top and watch all the animals down below in the farm yard or the goats over on the hill. I love the farm!!!


Donna, me and the dogs go for a walk on top of the hill. Donna walks her bike up the hill and then rides it around and back down. It has been a rainy day but it stopped for awhile and the sun even peeped out. It is a beautiful spring day. Everything is so green from the rain and smelled wonderful. It was nice to just sit by the pond for awhile in the spring breeze.