Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tank and Marley have become buddies since they spend their days together in the yard.  Tank gets tired of playing sometimes, which is all Marley wants to do, and will growl at her but he is such a big gentle giant he never hurts her, just a warning growl to knock it off!tankmarlie


Donna and Deann stayed home on Wednesday to repair and paint the old barn, 8 hours of painting and they have one side done. The old dry wood just sucked up gallons of paint. Also, everyone in this area of tobacco barns have black barns. We will really make a statement.


I decided to let Marley out on the porch for awhile and when I looked out Tank was lying with her and Marley had her head on his leg. They have been like this most of the morning.  Usually Tank doesn't want to be bothered with Marley and her bouncing around and will growl at her.