Monthly Archives: September 2014

We have this crazy vine that takes over the front of our house each year. It seems to grow several feet a day. It grows little bulb things that look like small potatoes. We mow around it so  it doesn't spread in the yard but it sure takes advantage of the tall deck. It's actually a pretty plant and since we never use our front stairs we just let it run. Researching it - looks to be called an Air Potato. It is native to Africa and Asia and was brought to the US in the early 1900s. It is considered a noxious weed in Florida because it takes over the native plants.

Here is Cinder on top of the vine covered deck railing. The cats love it because it provides shade and cover.

potato1 potato2 potato3

The project that never ends marches slowly on. Deann and Donna finished painting a second side of the barn this past weekend. It is taking multiple coats as the wood is really absorbing the paint. We're also having to dodge the bumble bees, hornets, wasps, horse flies and other assorted flying insects as we paint. Last week Donna got stung multiple times by bumble bees, leg swelled up and hurt like the dickens. So, in trying to prevent a repeat of that, we have to take a break if they are whipped up.

Here's the before and after pictures



Donna and I went for a walk up to the top of the hill and around to the second pond. The dogs were like wild things following scents, chasing each other, eating goat poop and just having a good time. I am surprise that Marley don't get in the water since she is a lab. She runs in a circle around the edge of the pond  just in the edge of the water. Got to work with her on swimming.


All of our country roads are now lined with the golden yellow of sunflowers and goldenrod is getting ready to take over. The trees and wildflowers grow right up to the edge of the road and the range of color and variety of plants and trees is ever changing. I also love how all the neighbors nod or raise their hand to say hello as you pass each other. I love country roads.