Monthly Archives: October 2014

We discovered a few weeks back while on a walk that we have a bunch of fish in our big pond. So, every day or so Donna takes the dogs for a walk to the pond to feed the fish bread. They are trained now and know when the dogs start jumping in the water that they are going to be fed. They gather close to the edge and follow you around the pond.


Went with Deann to a weightlifting competition and she not only won the competition in her class but now has the record for the most weight lifted in Curls. For those who aren't weightlifters like me, its a lift where you start with a bar and weights straight down and then curl the weights up towards your body. It's mainly about bicep and arm strength. Unfortunately none of the pictures of that particular exercise came out, but here is one of her doing another exercise; the deadlift.

liftingAnd her with her trophy