Monthly Archives: November 2014

It's been really cold here! The only heat in the studio is a wood burning stove and a couple of portable baseboard heaters. To keep the pipes from freezing and the electric bill down,  Donna has been building a fire in the stove each evening. Deann does most of the work cutting, splitting and stacking the wood in the wood box on the studio porch. Thank you Deann!


This morning Deann and I went down to the farm on our way to work. We always let the geese and chickens out before we leave. Deann walked in the backyard to open up the new chickens house and YEP! In the walnut tree right above the chicken house SITS A HAWK! We decided not to let the birds out knowing the hawk would immediately grab one of them. Tomorrow I guess we get to make a covered pen to protect them. I have to believe there is something going on with this hawk thing so at the very least I need to research the symbolism of the hawk. We didn't have time to get a picture before the hawk flew off this time so I pulled up a picture from when this batch of chickens were cute little puff balls back in April.

Yesterday I'm sitting at my desk at the University of Kentucky and all of a sudden I heard a commotion. I look over at my window and there is a huge hawk nabbing a pigeon off my windowsill. He flew off about 20 ft and sat on this fence eating the pigeon while cars and pedestrians went by.