Monthly Archives: March 2015

On Thursday the Daffodils were in full bloom and beautiful, Spring had finally found its way here. Then it began to cool off on Friday and Saturday morning it was 20 degrees and Winter had slipped back in with snow flurries. The Daffodils just lay down and gave up! Just the way i felt!



We are having a crazy snow storm last night and today. We already have probably 15 or so inches of snow and it's still coming down. It rained all day yesterday so we were flooded out and couldn't get out to go to work.. and then late in the afternoon an artic front moved down and the rain turned to snow. Because it's such a wet snow it's sticking together and really piling up on everything creating beautiful snow sculptures. Tank loves it and is running around like a puppy.

birdhousechairtanksnowThe bird feeders are full of birds

cardinalsCoocoo watching birds at our window feeders and wondering what in the world all that white stuff is

coocoocbirdsDeann put hay out for the nannies.. problem is that the snow is up over their bellies!