Monthly Archives: July 2015

Deann and Donna were catching goats and tagging them to prepare them for the sale on Tuesday. One jumped up and gored Deann in the eye. She's okay, got a heck of a shiner and broken blood vessels in her eye but luckily it hit on the side of her eyeball. This morning the jumping goat along with 32 others were loaded up and taken to the goat sale.


The goats hate rain and if they are on the top of the hill and it starts to rain it's like a stampede down the hill to the barn. Yesterday when they ran down to get in the barn Deann wasn't ready to let them in yet, so they all just stood there watching for her.


The geese are almost grown now and are out in a pen outside. It's so funny to watch them. If one of them moves to the right, they all move to the right, No matter how they move they all move in one motion. They also scream all the time they are moving.  Delightful little animals to have around the house.