Goslings… lots of them

Last month we experienced the drama of our neighbor once again letting his dogs loose and they killing our geese and chickens. They killed our male goose as well as one of the females. The females had just started laying so we took the chance to try our hand at incubating the eggs in the hopes of possibly getting 1 or 2 to hatch. We found 18 eggs in the nest and had no idea how old they were so just put them all in the incubator. Unbelievably only one of the 18 was unfertilized! Not having ever incubated geese eggs we went to the internet and found many variations of instructions. We landed on the schedule of every morning dipping the eggs in warm water and turning them. Every night we spritzed the eggs with water and turned them. We were expecting the eggs to hatch this weekend but yesterday two of them  created a small hole (called pipping). By the time we woke up this morning 16 of the 17  hatched. The ultimate revenge on the neighbor.... 19 screaming geese (once these mature to go with the remaining two females).... priceless 🙂


Here is short video of number 16 just getting out of the egg.



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