Christmas Goose

This was the year of the goose. Remember back in April when we hatched out 17 goslings? Well, having 19 large geese is to say the least a little noisy and destructive on the yard. So, what to do with them? "Let's have goose for Christmas dinner!" Deann exclaims. So, for two weeks she researched how to butcher, prep and cook a goose. All in all the project was a success. The meat was a little tough but didn't taste bad. Conclusion? It was a heck of alot of work! So, she can check that off her self sustenance bucket list and next year we'll buy a nice steak for Christmas dinner.

Here is a pic of Deann weighing the goose to see how long to cook it. Coocoo was VERY interested in how many pounds she would get to eat.


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